About Us

What We Do

  • Development of software and hardware
  • Training of new employees in the IT industry

Who We Are

  • Young, wild and motivated students
  • Software and hardware specialistс
  • The most important we are TEAM!

What We Offer

  • Personal development
  • Team work
  • Practical skills

Technical University

Faculty of Computer Systems and Control is one of the largest in the Technical University – Sofia and the most preferred.

Today, technology and IT sectors are the fastest growing units worldwide and this requires good quality and professional training in the field of computer science. Equipped with about 20 laboratories, the faculty is also in close collaboration with many IT companies in Bulgaria, aimed at providing high quality education and training and ensure successful professional employment of graduates of computer engineers.

The Club

Club Information and communication technologies

Club “Information and communication technologies’ (ICT) to the Faculty of Computer Systems and Control in Technical University – Sofia was founded this year by 11 young, motivated software and hardware specialists, students in TU.

We are dealing with various projects, development of software and hardware. At the same time, our main goal is the training of new employees in the IT industry. Our idea is to transfer our knowledge to other students, even younger students. We gain experience in an extremely professional environment, working on studies and projects assigned by different companies we work with. We strive for constant personal development, teamwork and acquire new knowledge to transform into practical skills.

The Team

Founders of ICT Club

Everyone says that to be a team is not easy, there must be something to bring them together. Well, we agree with that. What bring us together, make us friends and a big family is that we have cool ideas and motivation to work. Although we have not much time for fun, we have fun while we work and spend time together.