Bee Smart

About This Project

The Smart Beehive Management System™ combines a set of technologies to address the increasingly worrying Colony Collapse Disorder. We deliver an unprecedented monitoring ability for the beekeepers and allow them to take timely precautions in preventing the most common threats to their colonies. 

Bee Smart Technologies’ solution, incorporates innovative technology and sustainable design in providing beekeepers with the power of saving honeybees and a tool that will directly influence, measure and enhance the life of colonies, improve yields, boost revenues and decrease costs.


About This Project

Harvesting the kinetic energy from playgrounds and giving it back to children in the form of light or sounds in order to motivate them to play more. The main task for the ICT club is to develop iOS application and hardware to measure the amount of energy that every user has made using the technologies and to be able to keep statistics.


About This Project

Think big. Be creative.

Valkyrie is innovative approach for gesture and voice recognition using a “smart” glove and mobile device (Android, iOS or smartwatch). You can use it for home automation as well as controlling devices such as robo arm, robots etc. Valkyrie is connected to the IOT using WiFi, BLE, Bluetooth Classic, UHF RF Transceiver and XBee, using universal protocol called V-API. This is Valkyrie the future way of gesture and voice control.