what’s up are you looking for ways to make some extra money on the side by using the Internet one way to make money guaranteed is by using online survey sites you may have heard of these before basically all you have to do is answer some questions through different surveys and that’s it you know you make money it’s very simple but there are tons and tons and tons of different sites to choose from and it’s hard to find one that actually is worth your time you know because most of them are like scams or they don’t even pay you hardly anything so I’m going to show you my favorite survey site that I’ve been using for years since I was like a teenager I couldn’t get a job because I was too young and this is what it is to make money this is a website called vendor comm it’s the best one I’ve came across and trust me I’ve searched far and wide for good ones so just go in a description of this video and click the link and it will bring you right to this page right here you can get a $2.00 bonus by signing up and filling out your first survey so that’s cool this right here is the front page of the website you’re going to want to click the sign up button and fill out your information don’t worry it’s confidential they just need to verify everything you know make sure that you’re an actual person and then when you’re all set up this is what it looks like so as you can see we can see exactly how much money you’re going to get for completing that survey some of them are actually pretty low but you can complete them like 10 times a day so that adds up to like several dollars so there’s lots of opportunity to make money since most survey sites only give you a few each day so like I kind of limits the amount of money you can make you know so when you click on one of them you’re going to see a page that looks similar to this this is where they ask you a few questions where you do the survey to see if you qualify you just quickly answer the questions as honest as possible basically sometimes you don’t qualify for that particular survey but they will give you another one to try sometimes it takes a few tries to get some that qualify but the more you do the more your qualify for more in the future so you doesn’t have to keep doing it until you get one that qualifies but you know it usually doesn’t take it only will be like one or two that you have to keep trying it’s not like you’re never going to qualify for any you’ll definitely qualify for something you have to keep trying so that’s basically window research yeah my favorite online survey sites that I’ve used for years I’ll put the link in the description for you to click on the website and to check them out and to start today start making money today so it’s really amazing and I want you to have the opportunity to make money by using the Internet it’s completely free you know you’re making cash money it gets into your PayPal you know it’s the highest paying website it’s just I swear by this website you know this is the best one that I have tried so far and let me know in the comment section what do you think about this website and definitely try this one out like if you don’t try any website serve a website out try this one or let this be the first one you try it will change your life it’s amazing so click the link in the description and sign up and start completing surveys and start making money I’ll see you guys in my next video