[Music] hey guys welcome to my channel I hope you up all well I am very excited today I really wanted to do this video for a while last year I actually did a video on how not to go broke and to save money I’m gonna link that below because I really feel like it’s still super valuable but today I wanted to give you guys some tips and tricks for making money online because I know it is hard out here sometimes and I know not everyone has a job and I know that sometimes you just need to make some extra cash flow for the weekend and I feel like money something that a lot of people don’t really like to talk about I feel like it’s a little bit of a trick to kind of let those that are in the know keep known but people who don’t know are never allowed to know and I don’t think it’s fair and I think we should all eat and I think we should all grow and I think we should all be open to opportunity and information is power so today I’m gonna share what I know about making money on the internet that anybody and everybody can do so number one it’s YouTube as you can see I am a YouTube creator and I am able to make a living doing this now obviously I have quite a few subscribers we thank God but anybody can start a YouTube channel you do not need money to start a YouTube channel you do not need a network or a special account to start a YouTube channel all you need is a camera and some I DS if you’ve got any form of ideas that you feel like you want to share with the world YouTube is a great way to monetize that when I started on YouTube almost over five years ago I never made a single penny because there was no form of monetization for three years I did youtube without making any earnings but I was passionate about it so I do think it’s really important that if you are going to start a YouTube channel make sure it’s not just about making money because it’s not a quick moneymaker but it’s maybe about sharing your passions but you can definitely do that how it works when it comes to monetization is literally you make videos and there are ads that run against your videos the more people that watch your videos the more money you make on your ads it’s as simple as that you to share the money with Google I believe an Adsense and then you get a share of that money as well you can get popular videos by doing stuff that is trending like celebrity gossip or celebrity news or breaking news from wherever you are in the world as well as doing videos on products that you like maybe entertaining people what will happen is that you will have a channel and YouTube will say you I believe you’re actually able to monetize straight away when I started you had to have like two thousand views or something before you can monetize which is what I never monetize for so long but you can monetize straight away and what you’ll see is when you reach over 60 pounds you’ll begin to receive money into your bank account that you set up where your adsense account if you want more information on that you can Google Adsense and how it actually works and create yourself an adsense account after that it’s also blogging and a writing content similar to YouTube in that is you’re producing your own content based on information writing a blog is a great way to also do that and the same mechanism is Adsense as well if you write content that is relevant then you also get ads that come up beside your blog besides your written content or images and you’ll be able to make money if you want to promote that stuff then social media is a great way to do that so another way to make money is affiliate linking if there is a website that you like or a product that you like online you can use sites such as Skimlinks rewards style and I believe this one could add Network I can’t quite remember and what happens is that every time someone buys from that link it might be your auntie it might be your friend it might be your followers you are able to make a small Commission on that link now a lot of people do this on Twitter and for instance I also will say I buy this necklace from necklace from Urban Outfitters and I will share a link with you that is an affiliate link so that I make you know 20 P on you buying the necklace but if I get 20 people make doing that then how much money did I make was my calculations 20 P times 24 pounds for parents yeah I’ll make four pounds on that so I know that sounds it’s not that much money but it can actually build up you can link electronics you can link home where there’s so many things that you can link and if you like searching the web for really nice and cool product and you want to share that with your friends or your family or your social network then you can definitely do it however I wouldn’t advise just putting links out and saying buy this link I think it has to be links that are associated to what you do or what your friends and your family actually want to see from you usually a lot of these accounts work by your threshold and but I think anyone can set it up if you have a blog or an email address and then they will sign you up to their network and you will be able to log in and start sharing your links of your friends and your followers so after that if you want to make money it’s all about selling your skill if you are good at something you should try and make money on it there are sites that I like such as people per hour this is a site that I go to all the time when I’m looking for a graphic designer when I’m looking for an editor when I want a logo made or a banner made I go on to then I’ll say graphic designer and lots of people around the world are sharing their skills they’re able to make money from the comfort of their own home by providing me a service based on what they actually know how to do I’ve actually seen there are people can buy an hourly of a guy who looks like mr. t and he says happy birthday so you did it or whatever he sells that for a hundred and fifty pounds and we’ll say happy birthday Michael because he looks like mr. t if you are good at writing if you’re good at taking photos if you are good at Photoshop people are out there looking for your skills and looking for your services you can make some money while doing it and people per hour is just one of the sites that I know that does that and there may be many others and I’m also going to link everything in the description bar below so that you guys have some good insight into it so next if you can create a product it is a great way to make some money I’ve told you guys this story many times but is one of the ways that I made money when I was a teen I used to braid hair at lunchtime I myself like leave school like ten pounds each day there’s like 40 pounds a week and for a thirteen-year-old that’s a lot of money so if you have a product or a skill or something that you can sell to friends and family or to a community then make some money on it you don’t need to make 5,000 pounds every day you can make 50 pounds or 10 pounds or 5 pounds but it all adds up another site that I really like is teespring if you have a design you can create a design on teespring and then you can um sell that design so I’m thinking about doing t-shirt as I I don’t want the fuss of packaging it and sending it and doing it all myself I might just use teespring to do it so you also probably want to have like a closet clear out I’m sure you know of a bunch of stuff that you’ve got in your house or in your closet that you’re not even using anymore go through have a clear out and sell it online the pop is an app that I really like for selling clothes it’s for fashion-forward people bloggers and all that kind of stuff they’re forever on there selling stuff selling their old clothes or swapping it out so finally you can also take online surveys there are lots of different survey companies out there where people want your opinion one of the survey companies that I have talked about many times is Opinion Outpost basically all it is is companies and brands such as Amazon or Apple or I don’t know t-mobile or something lots of these different brands want to know your opinion on their product or their services and you can do this from the comfort of your bed at home basically fill in a form say how many times you use your phone a day and you can make money while doing it now somewhere like Opinion Outpost they give you vouchers gift cards coupons they also have a quarterly prize draw of $10,000 as well and it is free to join up and you can receive an email into your gmail surveys they’re in great way to make it a little bit of extra money online if you’re just like I’m sitting at home rather than wasting time on tumblr or Twitter you can be making money okay so glass I really hoped you enjoyed that video and it gave you some ideas on how to actually make some money online I know it is hard out there and I know that a lot of people don’t share this information and I have no problem sharing I think sharing is caring or need to blow it and develop and I’m definitely here for like giving all the information I have I’m also gonna be doing my live chat today I’m so excited about it it’s at 8 o’clock tonight I’m gonna link it below and I don’t know we’re gonna talk about so Nev a comment if there’s anything you know you want to talk about let me know I’m going to do it but I’m gonna see if this can be a regular thing so thank you for watching guys and I’ll see you all later [Music]