5 Ways To Make Money This Summer! ☼ On The Internet

making money as a teenager doesn’t have to be hard maybe you’re planning on going to prom next year or you want to go to Europe this summer whatever you want to do it’s probably gonna cost you some money here are five ways to easily earn what you want this summer [Music] well hello people of the Internet hey guys it’s Ava and today’s video is going to be actually really cool new location this is not a permanent location I just thought with this video it’d be kind of cool to film in front of my office don’t get excited it’s literally just a corner of my bedroom today give me a cool video because I’m going to be teaching all of you guys how to make money off the internet it’s easy making money as a teenager is extremely hard I know from personal experience I’m a teenager still and it’s hard to be accepted and gets jobs as a teenager nobody wants to hire you they think that you’re not competent enough but you know what you gotta push through it me specifically I’ve learned going throughout high school that if nobody hires you you’ve got to hire yourself so it seems easy and you probably are asking Ava okay that sounds great but how am I gonna make money I got you so for today’s video I’m gonna tell you five foolproof ways that you can make money off the internet starting today does that sound awesome I’m pretty sure it does so if you guys want to learn how to make money off the internet then keep on watching so the first way to make money off the internet is for all the people that love to make crafts whatever you like to make you can do it and make money off the internet now if you’re not into online selling and having to package and ship things up selling things on your Facebook page is so easy I used to do it in high school so basically in high school I figured out that I can make really cool hair barrettes like cool pins you can tuck your hair back with and stuff and I just got stuff at Michael’s for like three dollars and I sold them on my Facebook page to people that went to my high school so all you have to do is make things in your own home take photos of it post it on your Facebook wall to all your friends and say hey I’m selling these like DIY cups for five dollars anyone want to buy them and then people will say like yeah I’ll buy them and then you’ll sell them at school pretty sure that’s illegal but I did it so I mean you know I also sold brownies on my Facebook page to people at school and whatever do was I’d make the brownies at home and then I’d package those super cute like for Mother’s Day or for maybe like an anniversary or something and I would sell them at high school so those are awesome ways to make money off the internet if you’re not into exchanging with people that you don’t know now the second way to make money off the internet is by cleaning out your closet and this is so amazing because not only number one are you making a ton of money but number two you’re cleaning your bedroom now this is kind of the same thing as the last one you can either sell your clothes online with sites like Poshmark a thread flip or something like that these sites are really amazing because then you have like millions upon millions of people that are looking at your closet and want to kind of a bargain with you it’s super easy all you do is you separate the clothes that you don’t want anymore maybe it’s something that you bought two years ago and you’ve worn it twice you separate it into a pile and you just take photos of it you post them on the site it spells it’s so easy but if you’re not into selling things to random people like I said before then you guys can also use the Facebook trick closet fails so closet sales became really popular in my high school about two years ago and basically what it is is taking photos of a bunch of clothes you don’t wear and posting them in a facebook album you can even do it on Instagram if you like really want to people will comment and be like oh well I’ll buy it at school the next day what I like to do is package them into little like shopping bags and then they fill it to them super easy making money off the internet and the third way to make money off the internet is obviously YouTube and I love YouTube because it’s not even about making the money it’s essentially doing what you love on camera and the cool thing about YouTube is that you don’t have to be a beauty guru you don’t have to be super funny if you love cars nail polish if you love shopping maybe knitting whatever you love put it on YouTube maybe it’s a hundred views you’re still getting paid for those hundred views so essentially you’re getting paid doing what you love and it’s a great thing to do just if you are bored and have a hobby you guys want to show to the world and keep in mind a lot of people don’t know this you don’t have to have ten thousand subscribers to be making money off of YouTube you can make money the second start your channel it’s so easy all you do is monetize your account bingo so the fourth way to making money online is photography and this is so much fun you don’t have to be a professional photographer to make money off of photography so to make money off of photography on the Internet there are a couple ways to doing it so the first thing is having some source of a camera it could be your iPhone camera it could be a like little point and shoot camera it could be a DSLR camera so what you’re gonna need to have to set yourself up is an Instagram page or a Facebook page for your photography and you’re also gonna want a few shots to show people so maybe just shoot a free round of shots on your friends and family first to kind of get you prepared to post them then after you have 10 of your best shots ever edited to perfection you’re gonna post those on your Facebook and on your Instagram and then the cool thing about photography is people will find your Instagram and you’ll have your little email on your Instagram about me and people who love your work contact you and be like hey so-and-so I love your photography can you shoot my senior photos can you shoot my engagement photos I don’t know what your life is and then you guys can like charge them your rate and it’s awesome people love to be photographed so if you charge them a cheap rate and you charge enough people you can make $100 easily in a week now the fifth way to making money off of the internet is so easy and it’s super easy because you can do it in your bed at night at like 4:00 in the morning instead of tumblr you could be making money so the fifth thing is online surveys and I’ve been taking online surveys since I was like a sophomore in high school just because they’re so easy the website that I use is called Opinion Outpost and basically online surveys are awesome because companies that are huge like Apple I don’t know mason jar there are huge companies out there filled with old men that don’t know anything about teenagers so if you’re a teenager and you’re in the demographic that they’re looking for maybe they need help deciding what to take out of a cell phone what to put in to answer a survey like times do text a day how many times do you touch your phone a day stuff like that that’s super easy and you’re making money off of it because you’re basically helping them develop a better company SUEZ can be taking online surveys whenever you’re bored and be winning things like money gift cards to like Amazon or your favorite stores or just credit to all of your favorite online stores and the cool thing about Opinion Outpost is that quarterly they have a ten thousand dollar giveaway prize and you can enter as many times as you want so on top of making money off of surveys you can also potentially be making ten thousand dollars what’s not to love and Opinion Outpost is free to join pretty cool so those are all of my ways to making money off the internet online and I’m gonna link all of those websites that I listed down below you guys got some inspiration on making money give this video a thumbs up and we’re all going to be rolling in the dough and just like throwing bands I make her dance [Music] if you’re a teenager likes me know that it’s not impossible to making money no matter how many times somebody tells you it is it’s not be sure to follow me on my Instagram Twitter vine account Facebook page all of those good things I love you guys I’ll talk to you guys soon oh I wish it was easier back some wallet